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MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig Clear

MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig Clear

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After a lengthy delay, the MJA team has finally designed, tested, and approved our latest installment in the Original Mini Rig lineup.... Please say hello to Turbine! 

The brand NEW Turbine is everything you want in a Mini Rig. Heft, function, innovation, and some fun (of course). This rig is an absolute monster! You can chug that "milk" until the cows come home with the endless function highlighted here. With our base connected "Inception Perc" (a percolator within a percolator) we are able to capture and direct all bubbles/airflow in the inner chamber. This allows us to better control and redirect the good stuff through two uptake pipes all releasing it back into the main rig chamber. Maximum bubbles, zero splashback. The turbine is unlike any rig we have created to date, a new chapter in function has arrived.

10mm female connection
100% handcrafted borosilicate 
wax tool, Quartz banger, and Carb cap all included! 

All function, no fluff. Elevate the ordinary with MJA. 


6.5in x 3.5in x 2.5in - 10mm joint
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